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Tiffany stained glass lamp repairs and restoration for antique slag glass lighting.

White Metal

Slag glass lamp frame repairs | Brass - Zinc - White Metal - Pot Metal - Copper - Bronze

 Whether you just found the slag glass table lamp of the century in the back barn or at an estate sale.  Maybe inherited a Tiffany stained glass lamp or Handel lamp that needs a little love.  My old world craftsmanship and  skills can help you.  My knowledge of lighting , materials and contacts will be at your service.  White metal with filigree work was known for its ability to retain detail when removed from its master mold.  It formed at a very low temperature which made it faster and cheaper to use.  Most lamp frames consisted of 3-8 sections of metal that had to be alloy soldered together.  Separations, cracks or breaks between these sections are easily repaired and can retain the same strength as when manufactured.  Other times when tears or breaks occur in the middle of a section the repair will be performed on the interior.  On the interior of the break in most cases I create a bridge with copper that will give the break extra support.   Depending on the original metal finish the repair may be less noticeable.  In most cases it will be like a hair line.

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Mold Making

By | Len Daley

I first learned about mold making in 1977 while at Connick stained glass studio Boston Mass. Back then I learned quickly that using gravity, heat and tools would manipulate the glass and the glass will always rest on the mold. Little did I know I would master the skill and base my life around the process. I love the challenge of making difficult bends or the extra tooling to reach the bend. There are several mold methods I use each would be unique to the type of bends I have to create. Sometimes depending on factors like the size of the mold and the number of slag glass pieces the method will change. An example would be using a chemical mold for a one time use. Most slag glass repairs are completed using the chemical mold technique and disposed of after the bend is completed. In some cases the mold can be used 2-3 times with repairs. Metal mold making offers advantages when using clear or cathedral glass in that you have fewer distortions on the back side of the glass. They can also be used many times but are labor intense and created for the use of production work. 

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Electrical Parts

By | Len Daley

They just don't make parts like they did 100 years ago. I have been saving lots of parts. Stamping, banding, crowns, sockets and chain just to name a few. Period parts are becoming non existing. I often express rebuilding is best and reproduction as an alternative.  The example on the left are electrical sockets I removed from genuine antique slag glass lamps.  Most times I retain the exterior body of the sockets and replace the interior pulls.
With my  inventory of antique and new light parts, I keep the historical integrity of your light fixture whenever possible while bringing it up to modern electrical standards. That way even the oldest fixture can be placed with confidence in your home or office.

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Matching Colors

By | Len Daley

Facts: The last day they made your lamp was the last day to get a perfect match.  Every opal glass sheet is unique.  Glass manufacturers can't use the same ingredients they did 100 years ago because of safety regulations. Some glass companies are long gone. The process of making glass has changed in 100 years. Some colors have not been made in 100 years. I have a 2-5% best match policy. If I can't then they don't make it. As the years go by there are fewer people that perform slag glass lamp repairs and our resources are becoming limited.  In some cases depending on the number of replacement slag glass panels needed its best to change them all.  The pictures below show how I often send clients pictures of the replacement glass before starting a project.

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Types of construction

By | Len Daley

The American industrial boom crated jobs. The move from oil to gas and then to electric lamps influenced how slag glass lamps were manufactured.
At the same time manufactures debated about art, craftsmanship and production quality. Tiffany for instance was expensive say $1,000 while B-H or Miller sold for $4.00. The cheaper lamps utilized production techniques to assemble like tabs or straps to hold glass in. Adding a metal filigree overlay design made the lamps look intricate.  While the expensive Tiffany style reflected more hand labor involving each piece of glass be wrapped in foil and soldering the glass in place. Examples.

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By | Len Daley

Not all restoration projects are valued as heirlooms. I was talking to an antique furniture dealer that told me most of his clients bring the furniture home and paint it white. I don't get it. At the same time I have helped antique dealers modify lighting for I guess the same reasons. I'll entertain most ideas and in some case if it means bringing life back to an old fixture, I'll enjoy doing it for you.

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