Slag glass lamp repairs - By Len Daley

My studio is in Tiverton Rhode Island just north of Newport. It is a great area full of artists, craftsman, vineyards, farmland and antique shops. The studio stocks over 600 colors of glass, with some of the rarest textures and styles made over 100 years ago by Wismach Glass and Kokomo Glass.
Ownership of an antique lamp sometimes carries a lot of pride and responsibilty over the years. A client will often express in-depth knowledge about their lamp when it arrives for restoration. Many will show me black and white pictures from a photo album with their antique lamp in the background. When clients describe their lamp they start by saying "this has been in my family for many years". My portfolio is broad, from a lighting fixture in Korea to the Christian Science Center in Boston. You can browse and enjoy some of the past projects by clicking on the pictures below.
In order to create a new bent slag glass panel a mold must be made by using a broken or unbroken glass panel. My master mold-making method requires about 8 hours of labor to complete. The process of casting a mold requires 2 kiln firings to set the mold at 900 degrees. It also requires making a paper pattern displaying the mathematical shape of a bent panel after bending. It then takes about 2 more hours and in some cases with compound bending, longer to bend the slag glass panel. I can best help you and complete your quote for restoration if you include the following: pictures of both the inside and outside, the size, number of broken pieces, metal issues and your location for return shipping. I will include suggestions and comments along with links regarding shipping and packaging.
Custom mold- (1-12") $125.
Custom bent slag glass panel - (single or compound bend 1-12") $85ea.
Email your pictures to I can also be reached by calling (508)-580-1220